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Friday, July 6, 2012

My Baby!

Happy Birthday Mia!

This is a picture of my baby on the day I
brought her home from the shelter.  As
soon as I took her in my arms, I knew we
were meant to be together...

On the ride home we were thinking about
what we should name her.  I looked in her
little face and told her she had won the pet
adoption jackpot ~ her life just changed and
she had become a princess!

Since I was reading The Princess Diaries to
the kids at the time, we decided to name her
Mia for the girl in the book who suddenly
finds out she is a princess.  Of course in the
book the girl is named Mia Thermopoulis
but our baby is named Mia Furmopoulis.

This beautiful bundle of fur turns 9 today.
She is my best friend and my constant
companion.  She has the kindest eyes
and the sweetest personality.  Everyday
on our hike we will pass someone who says,
"What a beautiful dog!"  and she is ~
inside and out.

Happy Birthday Mia the Wonder Dog!


  1. Hope Mia had a wonderful day with her family! Animals can be such a loving addition!

  2. Happy Birthday via New Jersey from Mia's cousin Millie. They really are so good together even though they only get to visit once a year.