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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mother Nature vs. Murphy's Law

aka The Weekend From Hell

As stated in the previous post,  this weekend
was our neighborhood rummage sale.  Our area
is in a drought (just look at the grass, it is brown
and crunchy) and when the flier arrived in our
mailbox I jokingly said, "hey, if we have a rummage
sale at least we know it will rain!"

Murphys should never say such things...

On Thursday afternoon as we were setting up, the
temperature reached 106 degrees F.  On Friday it was
another scorcher and we decided we would close for
the day at 3pm.  At 2:55 Brennan came to the studio
and said it was starting to drizzle.  By 3pm, Katie,
Brennan and I were holding corners of the tarp above
and it was just about taking us airborne.  This was a
wild storm, people's roofs were blown off and tractor
trailers were flipped over on the interstate.  I ran and got
my "Tom Ridge plastic" ~ remember when the former
director of Homeland Security told us to buy plastic and
duct tape to protect ourselves?  Well, this seemed as good
a time as any to use it.  We covered tables and wrapped the
edges with duct tape to keep the plastic in place.
We were soaked to the skin.

Later in the evening, I was the only one left at home and I
went outside and dried everything off and set up the tarp,
then cover it all up with plastic and thought, it hasn't rained
in weeks, surely it can't storm again before tomorrow.

Murphys should never think such things...

When I woke up on Saturday morning, Mr. Wonderful said
the power is out, it must have been from the storm last night.
STORM??!!  I slept right through it.  And it was bad.
We all went outside and were discussing whether we should
call it a day and send anything salvageable to the thrift store,
when a guy in a sports car pulls up and buys 2 sheet sets, I
told him they were a little damp but he said that was ok.
We decided the show must go on and dried everything off,
and set up the tarp...
We had a fun day visiting with our neighbors and having
friends stop by and by the time we closed up and cleaned
up and sent all the excess to the thrift shop we were just
about on fire, and we still had no electricity.  I got into a
cool bath and I'm sure I sizzled as I went in.

Just as we were about to go out for the evening, the power
finally came back on.  I am happy to state I have had my
last garage sale ~ I will never do this again.

As a reward for such a tough weekend we treated
ourselves to Chill Cherry and

we got to see fireworks on the way home.

Next weekend, we plan to have fun!


  1. I am sure you are exhausted, sorry about the storm and the heat is so tough. I am having company next week and I told my husband if I am grouchy it is because of the heat.

    1. Gisela ~ I hope it cools off so you can have fun with your company!

  2. Oh my, what a crazy story! Hope the weather gets better :)