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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Talent For Life!

Happy Birthday Julia Child!

Yesterday would have been Julia Child's
100th birthday, so of course we had to
celebrate!  When I was a little girl, we
always watched the public television
 station Channel 13 in New York and Julia
came right into our living room.  I can
remember her so vividly, I had never heard
a voice like that before.  I grew up with her and
when I started cooking I often referred to her
books for guidance (still do).

I have always said one of the most interesting
biographies I have ever read was Julia's.
What a life!

I have visited her kitchen at the Smithsonian.

I've read lots of books about her.
Yesterday I got the new bio, Dearie.

And last night I made a layered ratatouille
over couscous with a coin of goat cheese.
It is not her recipe but it is French...

I also made a few "petites" for lunch
today, perhaps I'll enjoy one while
reading a chapter of Dearie.

I've always loved this photo of Julia
and Paul, I hope that Wonderful and I
will end up just like this someday,
working together at a long table, side by side.

Bon Appetit!

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