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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Elle's Kitchen: Brennan's Birthday Bombe

My "baby" turned 19 today and I made him
his traditional Birthday Bombe.  It is made
from two of Brennan's favorite food groups ~
brownies & ice cream.

Make a 9" x 13" pan of brownies and
press a small Pyrex bowl (about 7" in diameter)
 into the brownies when cool.  This will mark the
size of the base you will need for the bombe. 
Set aside.

Soften 3 small containers of ice cream.

Crush a Kit Kat and a Butterfinger candy
bar in separate sandwich bags.

Empty a carton of ice cream into a small
bowl and stir to combine since the ice cream
will soften unevenly in the carton.  Then place in
the bottom of the small Pyrex bowl.  Add a layer of
the crushed Butterfinger then another layer of a
 different ice cream, a layer of the Kit Kat and the
final layer of ice cream.

Carefully place the circle of brownie as
the final layer.  Cover with plastic wrap
and freeze for at least 5 hours.

When ready to serve, fill a large bowl with
hot water and submerge small bowl up
to an inch below the rim.  Do not allow the
water to get into the ice cream bowl.
Remove from the warm water bowl and
wipe off water from the exterior of the
bowl.  Run a knife around the edge of the
bowl, then place a plate on the top of the
brownie layer and flip the plate and bowl
over.  Try to remove the bowl, if the contents
do not come out on the plate you can stick
a knife along the inside of the bowl and
move the ice cream and it should then fall
out onto the plate.  Quickly coat the bombe
with Magic Shell, add cherries and sprinkles
on the top.  If this is for a bithday ~ don't
forget the candles!

Here is the birthday boy about to make
a wish.  The bombe is a bit melted in
this photo because we had to run through
2 back gardens so we could celebrate  with
Brennan's 89 year old Grammie.

Brennan begins his college career on Sunday
at Indiana University as a Cox Research
Scholar.  Best wishes for a wonderful year
Brennan!  I'm sure it will be filled with
excitement and wonder.

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