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Friday, August 3, 2012

Elle's Kitchen: Dreaming of Fall...

Chicken Stock

It has been such a hot summer it feels as
if we have been living in an oven or, well... hell.

I am dreaming of Fall, trees ablaze, wearing sweaters,
the first fire of the season, crunching leaves
on a hike and coming home to a homemade soup.

Last night I roasted a chicken ( you will be hearing
my chicken roasting "true confessions" soon), and
made a pot of chicken stock.  I'll freeze it to use this Fall. 

Has anyone else "put food by" for later in the year?

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  1. We had lots of red currants and so I made jelly out of them, several jars are filled and waiting in the cellar!!! And if there will be enough apples I'll make "Apfelmus"!!!