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Monday, February 11, 2013

Elle's Kitchen; Eggs Everything Sandwich

When I was growing up, every once in a
while we would like a late night snack
and we would make "Eggs Everything".
We basically looked in the fridge and threw
in anything that looked good.
A few days ago I was visiting a friend
and we were admiring the chickens on
the property and I was lucky enough to
be sent home with a little bucket filled
with eggs.
So I decided to make something special
yet easy.  I "everything'ed up" a recipe
I saw on Pinterest.
Fold out Flat-Out bread
provolone cheese
crumbled bacon
chopped tomatoes
sliced scallions
avocado, sliced
salt & pepper
I toasted the Flat-outs on a panini press.
I used Rosemary and Olive Oil.
Start by scrambling the eggs:
Crack the eggs into a bowl and with a
whisk whip them, add salt & pepper and
a bit of milk (or half & half).  Continue to
whip them until well combined.
Melt a little butter in a pan and add the
eggs.  Move them around with a spatula
and while they still look a little watery,
remove from heat.
Quickly add the bacon, tomatoes and
scallions and combine.
Place some of the egg mixture on one
side of the Flat Out, top with cheese
and avocado slices.
I served mine with homemade
hashbrowns and a fruit cup.


  1. Yummy! In my youth in Berlin we're always eat sunny side up fried eggs after each party in the morning. Now we're living in the countryside and are lucky enough to have a farm with free living chickens in the neighbourhood, where we buy our eggs.
    Greetings Marle

  2. I forgot, i will try your recipe!

    1. Marie, the yolks are so much more yellow with the fresh eggs, you are lucky. Are you still in Germany?