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Friday, February 1, 2013

Present Perfect!

I was in Istanbul last Spring and wanted
to purchase one of these  silk embroideries.
I debated, I compared stores and prices,

and I ended up never buying one...

The following Fall I was doggie sitting for 
this little cutie, Millie Dog because other
travelers were off to explore Istanbul.

I thought, now is my perfect chance to get
that textile.  I gave the travelers specific
instructions.  Get off the tram at the Gulhane
stop, when you find the restaurant where the
woman is making food in the window, cross 
the street and head down toward the bend in 
the road, find a shop with a loom in the window.

The shop was found, photos were sent back to
the US and finally a decision was reached.  They
did not have the embroidery I originally had seen.
It had a pomegranate design, the shop owner
explained they didn't place orders for these items.
Every few months ladies would arrive from
Uzbekistan with suitcases filled with textiles and
that was what they would sell.  So I chose this one 
because of the tulip design which is so popular in

Read about the Turkish history of the 
tulip here:

And when the travelers returned I found out 
the textile was a gift from Millie Dog ~ perfect!

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