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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hot Stuff

How Hot Is Too Hot?
It all started with some guacamole.
I went out for a late dinner last night and
had a taste for guacamole.  After the food
arrived I tasted the guac and it was hot -
spicy hot.  Mr. Wonderful tasted it and
agreed, the hottest guac he's ever had. 
When the waiter stopped by to check on us,
I asked him if they made the guac there, yes,
all made fresh in the restaurant.  I told him
it was very hot and he said they had started
making it differently, so I asked him to taste
it.  He agreed. It was hot!  I LOVE hot food
but this had no other taste ~no cilantro, no
lime, just hot.  I asked if he could bring me
some lime and cilantro and I would fix it to
my taste.  A while later, he came with a freshly
made bowl of guac, the cook had made a
bowl up just for me ~ lovely.
So, that made me ask ~ how hot is too hot?
I love hot food, I ate my way through Thailand
and loved it all.
I eat Indian food whenever I can...
The hottest thing I ever ate was in Mexico.
I was at a Breakfast Buffet at a resort and I
sampled a little of this and a little of that...
I tried a few of the salsas that were near the
omelette station and when I ate the salsa
verde ~ I was ready to spontaneously combust!
My eyes were watering, it was a bit hard to
breathe and I couldn't talk.  Wonderful looked
at me and said are you ok?  I pointed to a
container of a watery milk and did a hand
motion of drinking.  A little while later an
older kindly waiter came by and asked if I
was ok.  I told him I had the hottest thing I
had ever tasted.  He said, " Oh ~ the salsa
verde..."  He told me to be sure to have dairy
to nuetralize the heat, I pointed to the milk.
"That should do it."  Of course, I didn't stop
eating it, I just made sure I had plenty of the
milky stuff to drink.
What was the hottest thing you ever ate?


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  1. This post makes me laugh - or maybe it's my husband's response to my idea of hot that comes to mind with this post. He teases me that I think ketchup is too hot! I let him eat all the hot stuff and I eat the sweet stuff. Thanks for the chuckle before bed.


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