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Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine Dinner

Years ago we used to dress up and go out
to dinner for Valentine's Day.  The restaurants
were always jammed, even though you had a
reservation you still had to wait for your table,
the service was harried and it was crowded and
noisy ~ what is romantic about that?
Then we had babies and we would dress them
up in their Valentines's Day finest and go out
for a meal in the middle of the afternoon when
the restaurants were empty.  That was fun, though
probably not that romantic.
I suppose with age comes wisdom, we have been
doing this for 30 years afterall.  We realized there
was nothing better for Valentine's Day than to make
a special meal and enjoy it in front of the fireplace.
Just us ~ simple, happy, comfy.
This year we decided to make a favorite meal of mine
from when I was a young girl.  Back in those days we
didn't go out to eat all the time like people do now.
It was much more of a treat.  And a special treat for
us was to go to The Lobster Shanty on the inlet in
Point Pleasant, NJ.  I would order Surf 'n Turf ~ oh
my poor parents ~ it was probably the most expensive
thing on the menu.  When you are little you don't look
at prices, you have no idea of such things, luckily I ate
every bite.  So that is what we had for our special meal
this year, a lobster tail and filet mignon with asparagus
and those petite pommes that we are in love with.
...And I ate every bite ~ with just a little sharing with
Mia the Wonder Dog because she is my valentine too.

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