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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Day in the Country

It is Harvest Time in the American Midwest and
Mr. Wonderful and I are both at home at our
American Homestead, Avalon.
We decided to get out on this beautiful day and
spend the day getting lost in the country.  Oh, this
photo is not our home, it is a photo I took as we
sped along a country lane ~ isn't it adorable?
As we passed through the downtown of a
nearby city we spied this sign.  We decided
we had better eat since we didn't know what
we'd find in the middle of nowhere.
I had the Cheeseburger Pie, it was tasty!
Then we were off!  Stopping at antique
shops along the way.
We had the whole day ahead of us. We
stopped to talk to the animals we found.
I was making kissy noises and telling
these horses they were so beautiful and
as we pulled up a bit further on the road
I saw there was a man standing just behind
the tree on the left.  I smiled and waved,
and then turned red...
Don't they look like they are kissing?
I love how this silo has been repurposed.
I'd like for that to be my reading nook.
The farmers were out harvesting their
crops.  I could watch those corn-pickers
all day.
There is the harvest.
We stopped at a farm where we used to take
our kids pumpkin picking many years ago.
Some more antiquing in a tiny town in the
middle of nowhere.  They had great pieces
here.  Where do they buy and how do they
stay in business in this sleepy town?
I love seeing the old courthouses
in the county seats.
And then it was on to Purdue University. 
If you look closely, you can see the Boilmaker
train going by.  It was a beautiful Fall day and
the campus was alive with activity, the band
was practicing and parading along 3rd Street,
people were strolling and skateboarding...
Here is the gorgeous Engineering Fountain,
it was designed by my friend Becky's Dad.
The clocktower ~ if you zoom in to the clockface
you will notice the 4 is IIII, not the typical Roman
numeral IV.  They thought that looked too much
like IU, their archrivals, and they couldn't have
that.  Our Kate tells us, at football games a cheer
will always go up saying, "IU sucks!" ~ no matter
who they are playing.  Often the players from
Michigan, Iowa or wherever will look up in the
stands, perplexed.  So they tell them, "yeah, it
doesn't matter who we're playing, IU still sucks."
Now as parents of an IU student as well, we have
to be fair.  Our IU "Hoosier" tells us, they don't
even respond to this, they just KNOW they are
Then we spent the evening at a lecture
given by Madeleine Albright.  Our Kate
fit us into her busy schedule ~ between
classes, pumpkin carving and late night
studying.  Glad you could join us Kate!

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  1. Love the photos and your day out on the road. Thanks for sharing.