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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Halloween and all the weeks leading up to
it are a BIG deal at our American Homestead.
We started with our kids when they were babies
to show them the importance of this wonderful
day of pumpkins and candy and costumes!

Back when Kate was born, doctors told you
to not take your baby out in the germy world
for a month.  She was a month old for Halloween.
This little witch has grown up to be the biggest
Halloween lover of all of us.  In fact she just
messaged me from university:
happy halloween!! hope you're enjoying
the most wonderful day of the year
By the next Halloween Kate had a little partner
to share in her Halloween fun.
Just a couple of clowns.
Raggedy Ann and Andy
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Tigger and a Princess
Belle and the Beast.
Brennan's costume was very cool, he
could pull the cape around him and
tilt his head down and look like the
Beast and then he could throw the
cape back and transform into the Prince.
We couldn't find the big container of
photos today, maybe we will find them
by next year.  So, eat some candy and
enjoy Halloween.


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  2. Cute photos of the kids' costumes from Halloweens past.