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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Long Lost Bennington

Many years ago when I spent most of my
free time rummaging through boxes at
garage sales, church sales and flea markets,
I bought this Bennington Pottery loaf pan.
It was a perfect cooking vessel, the design
was simple and clean and it held the heat
well.  And it was just so New England.
From researching the date, I guess this was
made sometime in the 1960's.  That 1874 is
a model number and not a date and the dg
is the guy who reopened Bennington.
Somewhere in the past 20 years, in making
room for toys and kid stuff, I realized it was
gone.  I couldn't remember selling it, I often
searched for it but always came up empty.  I
was afraid I had had one of those regrettable
purging moments and sent it off to the thrift
shop.  One night last January, I was having
dinner with a friend and was talking about
this long, lost piece.  The next day I was
searching the house for something else when
voila ~ there it was, stuck in a box with some
of my childhood toys and college memories.
So last night as the air was turning cold, I
whipped up some pumpkin bread in the
Bennington.  I predict I'll be having some
for breakfast this morning.

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