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Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Night At The Museum

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis has been a
big part of our lives for many years.  When Our kids
were young we had a family membership and spent
many days exploring all the fun things the museum
had to offer.  It is the largest Children's Museum in
the world and considered one of the best.
This year is the 50th Anniversary of the museum's
Haunted House.  This is the longest continuous
running haunted house in the nation.  Mr. Wonderful's
company is one of the sponsors so we went to a VIP
night last night.
There was a lovely dinner and the museum
was open for us to explore.  Since it is fall
break at Purdue, Kate and a few of her friends

drove down from West Lafayette.
Kasey, Sarah and Kate were all set
for Halloween.
A great band was playing in the main lobby.
There is a fabulous Dale Chihuly glass
sculpture in the center of the museum,
it is 4 stories high.
But if you go to the lower level you can recline
on this lounge and it slowly spins so you can view
the lit up glass ceiling.
It is spectacular!

The girls were like kids in a candy store,
they had to climb in all the exhibits.
And we finished with a few rides on the
beautiful carousel.  Tonight, Wonderful
and I are going back for the Black Hat Bash.
Good to have some fun together, tomorrow
we start flying around the country again.


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