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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Beautiful Day in Bloomington

Yesterday we headed south to pick up our
guy in Bloomington.

It was a cold day but still beautiful
with the sun and blue skies.

We took a quick walk around campus.

This is the Well House, one of the oldest structures
on campus.  Legend has it that a couple will be together
forever if they kiss at the 12 strokes of midnight on
Valentine's Day.

This is a great old building but with 
something new this time.

Here is the new statue of the famous Hoosier,
Ernie Pyle, a one time student at Indiana University.

It has quickly become an infamous statue
due to the misspelling of the word "Corespondent".

Then we headed back indoors to have
a  lovely lunch at the Tudor Room.  I 
always feel like I am at Hogwart's when
I eat here.

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