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Monday, November 17, 2014

Homekeeping: Pre-pressing Table Linens

Thanksgiving week is our biggest time for
entertaining in the entire year.  Our guests 
start arriving on Saturday and we will have 
a house filled with people we love.  We are
all cooks and that means most meals will be 
at home.  I love to set a pretty table and use
the many linens and dishes I collect.  To save
time I iron all my linens ahead of time.  I use
skirt hangers to keep them neat and hang 
them out of the way on a rod in my laundry

I keep a little weekly planning list so
if I'm busy I can send one of the kids 
to gather the correct items to set the 

After all, it's much more fun to spend 
time with your loved ones than to be 
off alone ironing when everyone else
is having fun.  A little planning can
 make entertaining a breeze.


  1. You have great dishes and linens set to go. I love dishes too. Take some table setting pixs. Love to see a pretty table.

  2. One other thing we have in common. See my FB post. I just can't get rid of my linens whether I use them or not!!!