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Friday, November 14, 2014

That's ME! ~ In the Land of Wonder, the Land Down Under

What a way to warm up a frosty day in the
American Midwest.  A copy of Australian
Patchwork and Quilting arrived from all the
way on the other side of the world.  AND, it
has an article about me and my book.  Oh,
thank you so much Australia ~ I can't wait 
to finally get to see you next summer.

I apologize if the photos are a bit blurry
but I admit I was a bit teary when I was
taking the pictures.  It was a mix of happy
and sad tears.  You see, the article talks
about how my Mum encouraged my 
interest in embroidery and our trips to the 
Five and Ten store where I would always 
want to buy embroidery floss while other
little girls were buying paper dolls and candy.

So, I sat down and had a big boo hoo.  We miss
our sweet girl so very much... But I know she 
would have loved this article, after all, it's why
she encouraged my interest in crafts all those
years ago.

Thank you so much Ally!  I love it!


  1. Amazing Ellen. I'm also so jealous of you going to Australia next year. Been before? Really want to go but other places are coming first.

    1. This will be my first trip to Oceania. I can't wait to see the Land of Wonder, the Land Down Under!

  2. What month is the magazine. I want to get a copy. And miss my mom too. She taught me to embroider also and I remember trips to the 5 and10 for floss and dresser scarves.

    1. Jo, it is Vol. 24, No. 4. And yes, dresser scarves! I remember a store in our downtown that sold tons of pre-printed linens ready for embroidery. Every once in a while I find a printed linen dresser scarf in an antique store and if it isn't too stained in the folds, I snatch it up.

  3. Proud of you. Looks like a nice article. Mom's are usually our biggest cheerleaders so you know she would have been so happy.


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