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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Majestic Autumn

I guess I have some catching up to do.  As many
of you know this has been a big travel year for me.
I think I have been away as much as I have been
home.  Between mid-May and mid-September, I
traveled over 50,000 air miles and then there were
the additional thousands of miles by car, train,bus,
boats, bikes and elephants. 

The last time I posted on this blog it was still hot
Summer.  Since then I have been busy as always,
just not blogging about it.  In September I went 
to Alaska for a big quilt retreat and I will be writing
about that soon.  Just after getting back from that
trip my laptop got very sick and had to be sent away
to the hospital.  Sadly all my data was lost including
all my photos.  I am working to get them back and I
will post about the retreat once I have photos again.

When I got back from Alaska I decided I had to 
attend to some chores around my house before
the cold weather set in.  I spent a day painting
my garden shed with primer and in trying to reach
the roof I ended up doing some interesting gymnastic
moves while hanging from the top of the ladder and
I ended up seriously injuring my back.  For quite a 
while every time I tried to move I would actually 
scream, it was very embarrassing.  

Once I got moving about a little better I got to work
and made 7 quilt tops for a new book I am involved
in that will come out in December.  I wrote a chapter
of the book and my chapter alone has 8 different quilt
designs.  I am working on a new lecture about my
chapter in this book.  Here is the book if you are 
interested in pre-ordering: 
Now it is on to the quilting and binding of these
quilts.  Perfect work for this time of year as the days
are getting colder.

I took a nice long hike in the woods today and thought 
I'd share some photos from this beautiful Fall day.