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Friday, May 29, 2015

Prague Castle

On our first full day in Prague we decided
to tour Prague Castle.  The castle sits high 
on a hill and is visible from many parts of 
the city with a particularly good view from
Charles Bridge.

We got our jet lagged bodies moving amd took
a taxi up to the castle.  At the entrance to the
castle we were greeted by this lovely sculpture.
Not the most welcoming...

,,,and only to be outdone by the brawny guy
with the club.  I guess it sent a message in 
days of old saying don't mess with us.

Much of the castle facade is under 
construction so I tried to crop the ugly 
blue plastic out of the photos.  Due to 
all of the wrapping we weren't able to
get the full view of what this looks like.

Prague Castle is considered the largest
ancient castle in the world and dates
back to the ninth century.

The reality of Prague today is it is no longer
an eastern European outpost visited by few
travelers.  Nowadays it is packed!  We found
this at the castle, throngs of tour groups are
weaving their ways behind a leader holding a 
ratty old umbrella with a scarf tied on to it.
We saw the long line at the church and all 
decided we had no interest in waiting.

So, instead we wandered around and
enjoyed the architecture.  The kids 
found a tower they wanted to climb.

Meanwhile, Midi and I followed our
noses.  Someone was cooking something
that smelled delicious ~ like something 
that would come from Grandma Kosty's
kitchen.  We ended up in a cafe, watching
the world walk by, admiring the view and
dreaming of what we would have for lunch.

I would say the best part of the castle
is the view.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Eats ~ Istanbul

I am editing food photos in the middle of the night and
it made me so hungry I had to nip into the Turkish Delight.
The foods of Turkey are delicious!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eats ~ Prague

We have had a lovely visit to Prague and have had 
the chance to sample some delicious food.  Here
is a sampling...