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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Birthday American Homestead ~ 5 years!

It is the American Homestead blog's 5th birthday!
It is easy to remember since it is my birthday too.
Five years ago I started this blog to chronicle the
changes I expected to have in my life.  My kids were
growing up and living at school and I was suddenly
faced with reinventing myself.  At the time I had no
idea what would happen in the future but in five
short years so many things have changed.  I started
a business and from that I have written a few books.
In the last five years I have circumnavigated the world
twice and had many other travel adventures as well.
I have watched my kids grow into interesting, smart
adults and I have celebrated 25 years of happy marriage 
with my Mr. Wonderful.  
Stay tuned for new adventures to come.