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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

American Folk Art Museum ~ NYC ~ Part 2

The Show Continues...

Note: Ann has asked, "Where is the
museum relocating to?"  Actually, the
American Folk Art Museum has had
two locations.  Their smaller space at
Lincoln Square in NYC will remain open.
Great that we will still have an opportunity
to view folk art but sad that we will have
less space to view it. ~ Ellen

Soldier's Quilt
Probably US, Canada or
Great Britian.  1854 - 1890

Double Wedding Ring
1930 - 1940

Log Cabin Quilt,
Courthouse Steps Variation
NYC, 1890 - 1910
Thought to be made by a man,
a tailor, with the scraps from
coat linings.

Log Cabin Throw,
Light and Dark Variation
Harriet Rutter Eagleston
NYC, 1874 - 1880

Sarah Ann Garges
Applique Bedcover
Doylestown, PA 1853

Centennial Quilt
Possibly Gertrude Knappenburger
Possibly Emmaus, PA.  Dated 1876

Whig Rose Quilt with
Swag & Tassle Border
United States, 1850 -1860

Hawaiian Flag Quilt
Mother of Minna Ferguson
Hawaii, 1860 - 1870

Variable Stars Quilt
United States, 1880 - 1900

S. H. Crazy Quilt
United States, 1885 - 1895

Baltimore Style Album
Quilt Top

Presentation Quilt for
William A. Sargent
London, New Hampshire

Friendship Star Quilt
Philadelphia, 1844

Light from Far-Away Space
Setsuko Obi, Toyko, 2001

Log Cabin Quilt
Barn Raising Variation
Lydia Peachy
Pennsylvania, 1890 - 1900

As the American Folk Art Museum
closed its doors on its main location,
as an American Folk Artist, I was
glad I could be there to kiss it goodbye.

Just another reminder to Support the Arts!


  1. Thank you for sharing photos of these antique quilts. I especially like the Centennial quilt and the Sarah Ann Garges one.

  2. Thank you!! I've learned much about piecing from your tutorials!!! And I think you've done a great job sewing the blocks on your journey!! They all look very nice!!