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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carmel Farmer's Market

Summer's Bounty in America's Heartland

We headed out early to try to
beat the heat but I think it
had been hot all night.

It is the height of summer
here in the American Midwest.

Everyone is up and out bright
and early to get the best produce.

"Weekend Chefs" are planning
their menus.

If your keep your ears open
you can pick up some
great recipes.

Remember to pick up some
flowers for the table.

I bought the lovely golden
plums.  They were delicious!

I got some cabbage for
the potstickers tonight.

A few small eggplants
for a layered ratatouille.

The cantaloupe smelled heavenly.

It's great to see that family farms
still exist.  These kids were all
working hard.  They probably were
up before dawn picking all that corn
and then had a few hour drive to the
market.  I had it for lunch, my first
local corn of the season, and it
was fabulous!

It's good to be home.

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  1. I remember the farm stands in Ohio, loved to go out and get fresh peaches, corn, and green beans. Nothing like farm fresh. I remember once when I was back home visiting many years ago , we had been out to the stand, my MIL cooked a meal of just fruits and vegetables,no meat, I told her it was the best meal I ever had.