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Monday, July 18, 2011

Home from the World

and Back to Reality

We made it!  We circumnavigated
the globe and are now back home
again in Indiana.

I'm in my happy place studio and
thinking off all the inspiration I
have received from traveling the world.

I'll be teaching my All Stars
pattern this Fall so I thought I'd
make one up in autumnal fabrics.

I'm continuing to pull fabrics for

the Sweet Seasons Block of
the Month for the Redbud Guild.

From the studio I can enjoy
views of the jungle gardens.

When I stepped out on the deck
 this morning, Mr. Cardinal started
to sing me a welcome home tune.

Over at Murphy's farmyard, ummm,
 yeah, this is what happens when the
 gardener leaves for 6 weeks.  I know
there are veggies in there somewhere.

We may be home, but the stories, photos
and memories will live on forever. 
Keep checking back for more posts
from the world that we just haven't
gotten around to telling yet.

As always,
East, West, Homes's Best.


  1. Welcome Home, I have enjoyed your travelog. You must travel with sewing machine and fabric.

  2. Welcome Home! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures with us! I bet you are so happy to be home around all your fabric again. I sure loved seeing all your pics!