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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Quilt Class ~ Choosing Fabric & Understanding a Pattern

Where to Begin?

We are starting a new weekly post
at American Homestead.  Fridays
will be a Quilting How To Day.
From the basics of learning to quilt,
to specific techniques and tools
to help you along the way.

Your first question if you are a
beginner may be where do I shop
for fabric and patterns?  Your local
fabric and craft chain store will have
some patterns and fabric appropriate
for quilting but if you want a large
selection you should visit a quilt shop.
Before I seriously started quilting I
felt funny about going to a quilt shop
because I didn't know what I was doing.
Don't feel that way!  That is what a
local quilt shop is there for.  They will
help you with answers to all your questions
and give you information on local guilds
or classes if that is what you are looking for.

When choosing a pattern you will
be looking at the front cover of a
pattern.  It will have the name of the
company, the name of the quilt and
generally a picture of the finished quilt.
Remember to be looking at the design
of the quilt, don't dismiss a pattern
because the colors don't appeal to you.
This is YOUR quilt and you can make
it in whatever color you want.

Once you have your pattern
you will then look for the
fabric you will need.  Usually if
you just turn the pattern over
all that information will be on the
back cover.  Often it will tell you
the finished size of the piece, the
fabric required to make the piece and
on my patterns I include a guide that
tells you what my Fabric A,B,C, etc.
was to help you when you are making
your fabric choices.  This way you know
my Fabric B was the red fabric and you may
want to put green there, I hope that helps.

I use a project sheet when
purchasing fabric.  Some fabrics I
pull from my stash and others I
purchase, often in different quilt
shops.  A project sheet like this
allows you to bring fabric swatches
with you in a convenient way. 
It is also a great way to keep track
of your projects,  I place my sheets
in a binder when I'm finished with
them, it is a good record of projects
and when I made them, adding a photo
of the finished project is also a good idea.

Next Week:  Fabric Preparation
To Wash or Not to Wash


  1. Great I have a friend I am going to recommend this blog to!

  2. Ohh, that's a very good idea!! I think there will be also hints for one who isn't still a beginner!! Till now I learned a lot from your CWQ tutorials!! I'll have an eye on this....