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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pearl River Mart ~ Soho, NYC

Cool Stuff in Soho

The following is a conversation
about my obsession love of
blue & white pottery:

Uncle Jamie:  Does Elle know about
that store on Broadway in Soho?

My brother:  You mean Pearl River
Mart and yes, she goes there 10
times every time she visits.

Me: I'm going there tomorrow!

Pearl River Mart is a store in
New York's Soho district.
It is filled with all sorts of
imports from China.

Though located quite close to
Chinatown, Soho is a nicer
neighborhood.  The merchandise
is the same as things you would
find in Chinatown but Pearl
River is much cleaner and you
can find everything in one spot.

I was just in Hong Kong, and
in many markets and I have
to say there is more selection
in this shop in New York than
in Hong Kong!

You can find clothing,

origami paper,

more birdcages than you can imagine,

the same goes for chopsticks,
(why didn't I buy those blue
& white ones?)

tons of Hello Kitty,

and the reason I shop there.
Because one can never have
 enough blue & white bowls.

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