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Thursday, August 25, 2011

50 years of the Pioneer Village

The Indiana State Fair

I live in a state that was settled
by the pioneers who headed West
to find a new life in the great unknown.

And every year at the Indiana State
Fair that heritage is celebrated in the
Pioneer Village ~ this year marks the
50th anniversary of the village.

There are demonstrations of
blacksmiths and wheelwrights
and old time farm equipment.

There are old fashioned contests
like this homemade ice cream

There is always music and it
 is very popular.  I find I like to
hear a good banjo player.

Inside the barn are demonstrations of
many crafts.  If you wanted something
back then, you had to make it yourself.





Wood carving.

This is the Summer Kitchen,
I could move right in.

The Farm Kitchen ~ imagine filling
up all those chairs with the workers
from the field and having to feed
them 3 times a day.  This still happens
out here in rural areas of our country.

I feel a kinship with those pioneers.
Twenty-one years ago this week I left
my city life to start anew in the great
unknown.  Though my journey was
certainly much easier in a car with a
moving van meeting us out there, it
still was a great adjustment.  I still
feel the divide after all these years
but now this is home.  In my first
week of living here I went to my first
State Fair and I was amazed.  I didn't
know anything about this.  Since then
I have tried to visit the Fair every year,
I raised my kids in 4-H and we have
had many wonderful experiences here.
There are great State Fairs all over
America ~ go visit one.

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