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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me Time ~ August 16, 2011

But also about me stitching my way along the Danube...

Today was Me Time but there were
only 2 of us there today.  One person
has returned to school, another starts
school tomorrow, someone else is
celebrating her son's homecoming from
a tour in Afghanistan and another
person is vacationing at the lakes.

I was supposed to be developing a
new pattern for these Christmas
 ornaments, but instead got sidetracked
with conversations about life & love
& good people & bad people.

So instead of hearing about Me Time
today, I'll tell the story of these ornaments.

Last December I was cruising on
the Viking Sky from Budapest to
Passua, Germany, along the Danube,
stopping at anything that even hinted
at being a Christmas Market.

One morning we made an icy climb
up to the village of Durnstein, Austria.

Afterwards we returned to the ship
to cruise through the scenic Wachau
Valley on our way to tour the Melk
Abbey that afternoon.

We all settled into the lounge to
enjoy drinks and local foods for lunch.

I thought it was a perfect time to
settle in and get a little stitching done.

No sooner did I have my materials
out on the table then this lovely
young lady plopped down in the
seat beside me and asked, "what is
that?"  I said, "Embroidery ~ would
you like to learn how to do it?"  She
said, "YES!!" 
And that, my friends, was the
beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We learned the basics as we cruised
that afternoon but it didn't stop there.
Olivia and I would stitch if we were on
bus rides to far off cities, we met after
dinner for "stitching dates" in the lounge.
And that was the best part, we met everyone
on the ship.  People were so interested in
what we were doing, they would stop by
to chat and tell us stories about their
Moms or Grandmas and the beautiful
needlework they would do. 

Of course, we would always take time
to enjoy the little treats people would
drop off to the girls that were working
so hard on their stitchery. 
Since then, my lovely friend has moved
to Germany and I'm told there is a guest
room waiting for me.  I can't wait!
Olivia ~ I'll bring the embroidery floss...

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  1. Well, isn't that neat?! Needleworkers make the best people, don't they? I loved the scenery pictures!