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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Peak ~ Hong Kong

We Made It To The Top!

Officially known as Victoria Peak or
Mount Austin, but locally known as
The Peak.  It is the high point of
Hong Kong and a major tourist
attraction.  We were lucky to have
a fairly clear day when we went.

Since we were staying across the
harbour in Kowloon, we had to
take a ferry, a bus and finally a
funicular to get up the mountain.
The funicular has been operating
since 1888.  Prior to that, people
were carried up the mountain
in sedan chairs.

Then you ride a series of escalators
climbing higher and higher.

Finally you make it to the top and go
outside where you can walk on ramps
and see breathtaking birds eye views
of Hong Kong, the Harbour and the
surrounding islands.

This is the view down the other side
 of the mountain, we will explore
over there in days to come.

What fun it would be to be a bird and
be able to soar down the mountainside
all the way to the harbour.

While at The Peak you can write
a love note...

...and tie it to this giant heart,
where it will dangle in the breeze.

Before heading back down the
mountain stop in for a coffee in
this shop with the million dollar views.

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