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Monday, August 8, 2011

Gaga for Design in Reykjavik

On a recent trip to Iceland, I was
 astounded by the style and
attention to design of its residents.

Iceland is a small country, its
economy collapsed a few years back,

but these people are Fashionistas!

I'm not sure how these beautiful,
little boutiques make money since
most are only open from 11am - 6:30pm.

And even in a bad economy,
items were quite expensive.

We stopped in t0 this designer's
boutique, the clothes were made
of woolens that had been cut and
sewn back together in many different
patches, they were very beautiful.

We were happy to be able to meet
the designer of these beautiful
pieces, working away at her machine.

I had to wonder if the attention to
design in fashion and interiors was
what helped the people of Iceland
get through what must be a rather
depressing winter with only 2 hours
of daily sun at certain times?

In case you forget how to do
this, here is a tutorial you can
follow on your way to dinner.

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