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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cambodian Popcorn & the Important Things in Life.


It's Thursday and on Thursdays I often talk
about food, so I'm including the popcorn
 though this post is really about people.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what
is important to me in my life and my conclusion
is people.  What is it about some people that
brings about that instant connection?  Are we
destined to find certain souls in this world and
connect with them?  As we traveled the world
this year we saw ancient wonders and magnificent
scenery and sites but what mattered most to us
were the personal connections we made.

This is our friend we met in a restaurant
in Cambodia.  We went to that restaurant
every day we were there ~ because of her.
I got an email from her this week and it
has made me so happy.

This is a man we met on the streets
of Tangier and we ended up having such
a lovely conversation with him.

Late one night, just off Tahrir Square
in Cairo, sometime between the Revolution and
the uprising, Kate & I were trying to get
this shot when I was approached by a
handsome, well educated man who spoke
excellent English.  He pleaded with us
to be careful, he told us terrible things have
happened since the Revolution.  He was
right of course, and I appreciate his caring.

I feel I'm destined to meet or in some cases
reunite with people.  There is some deep
connection that needs to be explored.  It is
so hard to define but it is there.  It is as if
there are threads that spring from the heart
and our lives will be sewn together.  For those
of you that have connected with me already, I
cherish that and for those that will in the future,
I look forward to it...

As for the popcorn, I'm not a great popcorn lover,
the husks get caught in my throat and teeth and
I generally stay away from it but this popcorn in
Cambodia was the BEST I have ever had and I live
in popcorn country!  At home I have tried to make
it and this is the closest I can come.  Make microwave
Kettle corn and sprinkle with a pinch of granulated
sugar.  It's not as good but the closest I can come and
when I eat it, it always makes me think of  Siem Reap.

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