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Monday, September 26, 2011

Me encanta Mexico!

A New Found Paradise

When I told people I was going to Mexico,
 I got many responses and none of them were good.
I heard things like:
* Never leave the resort.
* Don't go on the beach at night.
* Only take taxis, never buses.
* You'll be kidnapped!
Yes, I actually heard that one and some that were
worse than that but I can't even bring myself to
write about that...

This was my first trip to Mexico.
I've been to far flung corners of the world
 but had never visited my southern neighbors.
  I think I thought it wouldn't be foreign
enough, that it would be just like
Florida.  I'm happy to report - I was wrong.

Mexico is as vibrant and spicy as its salsas.
It has a foreign feel but at the same time
it is very welcoming.  The people have a
lovely sweet nature and let's face it ~ tourists
are treated well because the locals know
that is where the money comes from.

Now I don't want to paint too rosy a
picture here and say all of Mexico is
fine for travel.  No, that is not true at
this time.  I was in the south in Cancun,
and the nearest place that you will start
to find trouble is about 20 hours away.

You may be saying ~ Cancun?  Isn't that
the den of iniquity where girls (and boys)
have gone wild?  Yes, it is, but I must remind
you, those girls and boys are American college
students, who descend upon Cancun for a few
weeks a year and participate in activities
that would make their parents back home cringe.

The Cancun where the locals live, is
very family friendly.  On a Friday night
you don't find the locals in bars and clubs
unless they happen to be working there.
The locals are out with their families,
strolling through the park, eating at food
stands, watching the kids drive little cars
around the square.

I'm happy to say I rode the local buses,
even the ones that are old vans with
benches in the back, I ate at little local
places and from street vendors, I went on
the beach at night and walked down some
very lonely streets.  And I was fine.
You must still be cautious, just as you
would be anywhere but give Cancun a
try ~ I highly recommend it.

And then there's the beauty and nature,
stop by again soon and you'll be able
to see some of the stunning photos of
this beautiful place.

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  1. Your Cancun photos are lovely. Glad you had a wonderful family experience. Wish the rest of their country could experience some of that serenity.


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