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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Doodlebug

A Sketchy Life

I admit it, I'm a doodlebug.
I have doodled my whole life.  I think
I started with crayons and have moved
on t0 pencils, pens,  markers, pastels,
charcoal, rapidographs.  I think I've
even doodled with thread.

I doodle during meetings, when I travel,
at home, when I go out to dinner...
I doodled my way through 18 years
of school.  It is as if my hand has a
mind of it's own, I can't help myself.

I doodle in notebooks, sketchbooks,
on cocktail napkins and old receipts.
Recently, a quilting/facebook friend
introduced me to Zentangle.  I find the
idea very interesting.  As my interest in
surface design grows, I've decided to take
my doodling a bit more seriously and try
to make a little piece of art each day.

Do you Zentangle?


  1. Love your doodles, I would love to doodle but have no talent in drawing.

  2. Love Zentangle. I find it very relaxing, and helpful before free motion work.
    Seems to further connect the brain and the hand...
    Thank you for sharing.