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Monday, September 12, 2011

Come Fly With Me

I love airports.
I guess that is because I love to travel
and airports are part of that.  Even as
a child if someone was taking a friend
to the airport I loved to go along for the
ride.  I get a rush of excitement watching
people hurrying here and there, I want to
know where everyone is going, to hear
everyone's stories of travel and adventure.

This airport in Cambodia looks more
like a resort in the tropics and the
planes pull right up to the door like
they are buses.

Many airports, especially in Asia,
use such interesting building materials.

Bangkok airport has statues showing
Thai myths, with flower offerings alongside.

I never miss the Duty Free, I rarely
buy anything but I always test the
perfumes.  I spray the paper strips
and put them in my purse, many times
they have come in handy when in a
smelly subway or train and I can pull out
my perfume testers and have something
pleasant to scent the air.

Remember that your time in airports
is all part of the journey, try to enjoy yourself.

And how do you spot the Americans
in an airport?  They are at the table
with 3 laptops and an ipod...

I'll be wheels up this Friday
on a new adventure.

Vaya con Dios!

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