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Friday, October 7, 2011

Heading East

Going Home

I'm on a journey "home" to a place
that is no longer home to me.
It is where I come from but after
21 years in the Middle West of America,
that is the place I feel "at home".

I was at a meeting this morning
and someone joked that I just about
live on airplanes.  When I stepped up
to the microphone I told everyone, on
this trip I was driving.  I love to fly but
every once in a while it is great to take
a road trip.

The farmers are in the fields in the
Midwestern Prairie and many of the
soy bean fields have reached that
perfect shade of gold that only lasts
a few days and then you have to wait
a whole year to see it again.

As the prairie fades and the Eastern
forests come into view, the trees are
ablaze with color.

My old friend Lucie Anne from England
always used to gaze at the sky and say
"that beautiful American blue sky".
I try not to take that for granted...

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  1. Wonderful pictures!! Over here the leaves are turning to red and orange and yellow too, fantastic colours the nature present!!