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Monday, October 17, 2011


Milton Lake

I'm spending a few weeks in my hometown and
 today I visited a place where I made a decision
that changed the course of my life.

Three months away from our wedding date, Rob
 was offered a new job.  We didn't know where we
would get transfered to, we just knew it wouldn't
 be here.  We had to make a decision rather quickly
and went to Milton Lake, a place where we often
went to watch the swans and birds, and discussed
the pros and cons of this move.  We have always
been planners and this seemed like the perfect
time to make a life-changing move.

I've never been a 'townie".  I see people who have
lived in the same town and have the same friends
that they have had since high school and every
weekend they go to the same bars and have the
same conversations and frankly that leaves me cold.
Though I love to come home and reconnect with my
old friends I really needed to move on and broaden my
horizons.  And it was a great decision, we have fashioned
 a life that is filled with the homey, happy life that we
have in the American Midwest, coupled with an
everchanging life of adventure around the world. 

Forget drabness.  Anything but drabness!
~ John Graham

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