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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taylor Ham

Pork Roll

I'm back in New Jersey and that means
I am enjoying Taylor Ham.  This is a
food product that is unique to New Jersey
and Philadelphia.  Ask anyone who has
moved away from Jersey and they will
tell you they ask people who are coming to
visit them to bring along some Taylor Ham.

A number of years ago, my brother, in typical
"my brother" fashion, brought me the food
service or deli size fabric wrapped roll of
Taylor Ham.  Not wanting to waste it, we ate
it and ate it and ate it...  Then I couldn't eat
it anymore ~ I had reached the limit.  You
couldn't even say the words Taylor Ham in
front of me.

But enough water has passed under the bridge,
and I'm enjoying it once again.  I like to make
1/2" slices around the edge of the slices, so when
I pan fry them until crisp around the edges, they
stay flat and don't curl up.  I enjoy mine on a
roll with cheese, ketchup and thinly sliced raw onion.



  1. Sounds very "lecker", as we say over here!!

  2. This is great! John and I were traveling the past few days, and he kept asking me, "Will they know what Taylor ham [or Taylor pork roll] is?" I had to keep saying no. It's only when we're in Jersey that any waiter will know what he'as asking for. Since we don't live in NJ, John has to go without it most of the time.