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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Outside My Window ~ New York City

Rear Window

I'm back in New York City.
I love the sights and sounds
of New York.  I don't even have
to leave the apartment to get a
real city feeling.  I love to be in
bed and listen to the conversations
of late night revelers wafting up from
the street, the sound of the M-11 bus
soothes me as I drift off to sleep and
in the mornings I hear the clip-clop of
the horses as they head off to work
from the stables nearby.

From the living room and kitchen
windows you can see this pretty tree.
Since I'm on the 4th floor the view
is of the treetops.  As the years go by
the tree is now blocking the view of
the neighbors who live on 10th Avenue.

I've always been fascinated by the
rear window view from this apartment.
I can see how it fascinated Hitchcock
as well.  Real life seems to happen back
here.  In the front everything seems to
look the same but in the back people's
personalities can be seen. 

I especially love the garden spaces
between the buildings.  Each garden
has it's own style, it is so nice to see
so much green in the middle of the city.

What interesting things
can you see from your window?


  1. such large houses and there is every green welcome
    here in the cities are groups that make Gorilla Garding or are garding places in Berlin to see greening Prinzessinen garten
    iam gld with my garden the patchgarden

  2. that the link http://prinzessinnengarten.net/

  3. Really really beautiful...... <3