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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lord of the Reef

Snorkeling the Punta Nizuc Reef

On a recent trip to Cancun we joined
Luis and Oscar on the Lord of the Reef
to snorkel the Punta Nizuc Reef.  Since
it is the slow season in Cancun right now
there were only 4 guests on this trip.
Hi Roni & Lisa!

We took a beautiful ride through the
mangroves seeing fabulous shore birds
and once we were out at the reef we got
on our gear and jumped in.

A coral reef is like a beautiful
underwater garden ~ the shapes
and colors are spectacular.

And then there are the fish!
Imagine swimming through a tropical
fishtank, that's what it feels like.  The
colors and sizes of the fish are breathtaking.

There are so many things to look at
it can be a bit overwhelming but our
guides were great at pointing out the
important things that we may have missed.

With each bend in the reef you
come upon a new sight to behold.

This is a barracuda that we swam past.
Sadly the photo of the huge stingray came
out too blurry, the coloration was fantastic
and the stinger was a yard long.

I highly recommend Luis and Oscar, they
took good care of us and we had fun.  After
snorkeling they turned up the music and served
refreshments and we had a party as we headed
back to the marina.  I can't wait to do it again...

The Lord of the Reef
998 157 34 22
Ask for Luis

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  1. Great photos of the reefs. CancĂșn excursions really have a lot of natural beauty. It is ideal to take a dive when vacationing there.