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Friday, June 29, 2012

Letting Go

This weekend is our neighborhood
rummage sale.  It is in typical Murphy's
Law fashion that this weekend the
temperature is skyrocketing.  Yesterday
it hit 106 degrees F. ~ in June~ in Indiana!

But we had cleaned our closets and priced
everything and we decided we wanted it all
out of the house so the show went on...

Now that the kids are both going off to college
we realize we don't need 3 different sets of
Christmas china or the Halloween set.  We
did use all of this stuff in the past but Mr.
Wonderful and I don't need to eat off snowmen
plates.  We have tons of Christmas and Halloween
decorations, we always decorated BIG but that can
go too.  I don't want any of it to come back in the
house, so please come buy it!


  1. I had my rummage sale 2 weeks ago, it was hard work made money but lots ended up in the thrift store. But I have some space now, I will have company in 2 weeks so I still need to go through those closet and get rid of more stuff. Good Luck.