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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Full Circle

A package arrived yesterday from out West.
Included in the package was this quilt I
designed and made for my Mother-In-Law's
80th birthday.
It was Mary Ellen's wish that after her
passing, anything someone made for her
should go back to the maker.
Nice to see it again, but bittersweet...
This quilt was designed especially for
Mary Ellen's 80th birthday so each block
contained 8 T's (80).  Can you find them?
The beautiful quilting is by Elaine Reed.
The borders have units that could look
like M's for Mary...
...but if you look at it this way they
could also be E's for Ellen.
Also included in the package was this
Irish Santa cross stitch I made for my
future in-laws before Mr. Wonderful
& I were married.  So long ago.

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  1. What a wonderful quilt!! And I think it's nice to get it back, a beautiful keepsake!!!