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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Me Time ~ November 13, 2012

It has been a busy day today!
But I got to spend some time with
my friends at Me Time.
The post says Me Time but I guess
it is really about ME!
My birthday is later in the month but
we started off the celebrations early
since I won't see Susan again before
my birthday.
I got this beautiful candle holder from
Nepal that is sooo Me!  The reasons are:
1.  It is blue ~ which I love.
2. It is ceramic and glazed in the same
glaze as many of my blue ceramic pieces.
3. It is from a fair trade shop that I love.
4.  It is a candle ~ which I love.
5. It is a lotus flower that holds a special
significance for me.
And there were cupcakes ~ num-num.
There was laughter and chatting and
creating going on too.
Susan ~ I must ask:  Are we getting old when
we meet up in the same hospital in the same
lab for different tests?  If so,  I'm sure we'll
go into this phase of our lives with enjoyment...

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