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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Taste Test

US Coca-Cola Vs. Mexican Coca-Cola
In our local Mexican mercado this week,
one of our houseguests found Coke imported
from Mexico.  He asked why would they import
Coke when there is a Coca-Cola bottling plant
just down the street.  Another one of our guests
remarked because the formulation is different, in
Mexico they make it with cane sugar.
So, of course we had to have a blind
taste test.  The results were 6 out of 7
people preferred and/or could identify
the Mexican Coke.  One person preferred
the American Coke. 
I thought the taste was deeper and richer.
I have probably only had less than a cup of
Coke in the past decade, just one of those
things I gave up along the path of life, so I'm
no expert.  The creamier richness reminded
me of the fabulous rootbeer of my youth.
Years ago my friend Susan told me I should
only buy Domino sugar because it is one of
the few sugars that still use cane sugar.
Since I only use sugar for baking, this is
important.  Using a beet sugar in your baking
will change the results of your recipe.


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  1. Wow, I did not know that about cane vs beet sugar! Good to know. I don't drink sodas with sugar, so would not know about the Coke difference. Interesting.