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Thursday, November 22, 2012

International Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving at our American Homestead,
Avalon, is quite traditional.
But with the house filled with people for
the week we have been having an
International Festival in our dining room.
At this meal all four of us had been to
Istanbul and/or Greece within the past
6 months.  When traveling we always
collect dishware and small items to use
in our homes.  I bought these candles
from a guy on Divan Yolu, just across
from the Blue Mosque.  This dinner is
moussaka and a Greek salad like the
one I had for lunch after exploring the
Acropolis in Athens.
When traveling or when we have a
crowd at home we always have a
Dutch Breakfast.  Cheese and meat,
hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and breads.
This was a rather typical American
Sunday dinner of Brown Sugar/ Balsamic
Pork Loin and Carrots but it did have a
Hot German Potato Salad to give it and
international flavor.
A delicious Japanese Curry.
Holy Guacamole!  There was enough
to feed an army!  We put quite a dent
in this and then...
... followed by a build your own tostada feast.
Last night we celebrated India with
the street foods of Mumbai.
Ragda Patties
Pani-puri and Papadum
Diwali Sweets.
Someone said last night that life at our
house is all about eating and talking,
hmmm ~ not a bad thing.
And I'm thankful for that...
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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