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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get Lost!

I had to run an errand today to a town
 about 30 minutes from my home.
That 30 minute trip took an hour
and a half each way because I love
to get lost...
I'll always pass by the interstate and
travel the deserted country road if I can.
No map, just a good sense of direction
and the sun to guide me.
The farmers are working in the fields.
I love the country churches,  I wonder
how many people go to this little church
out in the middle of nowhere.
I love the barns ~ I want to roam around
in them to see how they were constructed
and to find what people use them for now.
I even love the crumbling, abandoned
structures.  I want to know their stories,
could this have been a one room schoolhouse?
I stopped the car on a lonely road to
take this photo and thought, hmmm~
this place looks familiar.  Then I realized
it is where my birthday friend Eric used to live!
(We were born on the same day ~ but he's older...)
Do you ever get lost in your neck of the woods?

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