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Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Nice To Be Remembered...

Back in May I was in Amsterdam.  This
was the view from my apartment.
Of course, I had to visit the textile market
while I was there.
That is where I bought these beautiful
fabrics. I only bought a few meters of fabric
since it was my first stop and I didn't know
what else I would find.  As it turns out that
was the only fabric I bought that day.  I
didn't have enough to make a large quilt. 
My brother was visiting Amsterdam today and
since it's Monday there is a textile market, so
I gave him swatches and a description and told
him to buy me some more fabric.
This is the funny part ~ he was telling the man
that this was for his sister who is a quilt designer
 from America who had bought some in May and
 the guy said he remembered me! 
Now I'll have to figure out what I
will do with this fabric.  As I looked
back at photos from my trip today, I
found a few photos of quilt inspiration.
Wouldn't this be a great quilt?
This one too,  love the colors!


  1. I love this and love Amsterdam! You see quilts, I see "what can I paint?" I so love the tiles in Europe. I will always remember Portugal for tiles, tiled roofs, street art (different than graffiti) and wrought iron, and of course, vineyards! I love Europe so much and I know you do too. We both love to take pictures as well. This is very apparent. I really enjoy you Ellen, your creative talents and how much we have in common. You are a true inspiration to life!! I hope some day we can meet again and drink wine. I think as couples, we would have a blast.

  2. btw I am working on updating my Shutterfly Share site, which I have decided is my blog too. I will include you so that from time to time you can go on and see what I am up to as well as my photos and photo books I am in the process of making from this last trip. (I am a "Mad Scrapper!") It was you who inspired me to get back to "blogging"! It used to be called "journaling"! I have done this all of my life and have a stack of "diaries". One of the things I have always wanted to do is write!! You do a very good job of that btw. I'll add you to my Shutterfly share site soon, and some day I want you to explain to me how to link it to my FB?? Like you do. I am seeing my daughter from AZ in two days and she has her animal rescue linked to her FB, so I guess I will ask her......keep inspiring people.