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Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Blue Heaven

When I was growing up we had a beautiful
blue hydrangea in the corner of our back
yard.  So, when I got my own house I wanted
a beautiful blue hydrangea of my own.
And that is exactly what I got in the first few
years of my gardening at Avalon.  I chose the
perfect spot for it and it was thriving.  A few
years down the road we needed to replace our
furnace and the repairman said if we ever
considered getting central air in our older home,
now would be the time to do it.  Guess where he
decided would be the perfect place for the air
conditioning unit?  Yes, right where the hydrangea
was located.  So, I dug it up and transplanted it
between a lilac and a juniper.  It lived but never
thrived or blossomed.  This year we hacked away
at the lilac and juniper giving the hydrangea more
air and light and it bloomed ~ beautifully!
I was bragging about the transformation to
my sister and she said, why don't you come
over and check out my hydrangea...
There it is, it has pink, yellow and purple
blooms, all on the same plant. 
We have no idea why, it even has various
colors on the same blossom. 


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