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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Me Time ~ July 2, 2013

Spent some time with my friends at Me Time
today.  I was working on some samples for my
Quilt Market booth.

A Birthday Girl was making bracelets.
Someone was transferring a design.
Someone was binding a tablerunner.
July is a big birthday month.  I love my friends
but I worry I neglect them, my life gets so busy
and I run out of time to have fun...  I'm going
to work on that ~ my friends mean the world
to me!
...and then we had cupcakes.


  1. Cute little samples you made!! My question: do you use scissors to cut them out? Or something else???? They look so exact, I hope you know what I mean???
    Greetings from a very cold and wet summer over here....

    1. Hi Regina,
      Yes, I cut them out with scissors. I make a template out of cardboard and trace the shapes onto freezer paper, iron the freezer paper lightly just so it sticks to the felt, then cut the shapes on the drawn line. It is very exact and easy. Do you have freezer paper in Germany? If not, your daughter could find in in any grocery store in the USA, it is near the foil and plastic wrap. ~ Ellen

    2. Thank you! Yes I have freezer paper, but it is good to remind me to use it this way!!! I will give it a try!!!!

  2. Regina, I forgot to say to trace onto the dull side and put the shiny side next to the fabric when pressing. ~ Ellen


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