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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trail Time

The heat is on!  We have had a very
hot week here in the American Midwest.
We have been trying to get on the trail
early in the day to beat the heat but
since it is Saturday we lingered a bit
longer in bed today and didn't get on
the trail until 8:30 am ~ a big mistake!
It was too hot!
I wonder who lives there?
I was complaining yesterday because I was
so hot I didn't want to carry my camera and
of course we saw Great Blue Herons and the
largest turtle I have every seen in our river...
So, today I brought the camera and no herons
or turtles, but lots of canoes and kayaks on the
In Summer our woods can look like
a jungle.
I guess we made it home just in time,
a big thunder storm is rolling through.
I hope the canoes and kayaks get off
the river...

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