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Friday, July 12, 2013

Recipes for Love

The other day at Me Time one of our friends
showed up with her car filled with items she
allows us to look through before she takes the
stuff to Goodwill.  She is downsizing and getting
rid of LOTS of stuff.
We look forward to these treasure hunts.
Included in the haul from the other day
was a shopping bag filled with vintage
pamphlet type cookbooks.  They were
so kitchy and "of a time".
We had so much fun going through
the booklets.  The titles, the illustrations
and the recipes were a hoot!
We loved this one, Meats for Men.
Who would want to cook anything for
those creepy looking guys on the cover?
I must admit though, those kebabs
look pretty good.
We loved this one with Dick & Jane
look-a-likes in the cover.  Someone
commented about the title ~ are there
nutritious desserts?  The thing is, back
in those days there actually was a dessert
after the meal and most people were thin.
These cookbooks are from the time
when my Mom and her friends were
young Mothers.  I wonder if they had
fun with cake mixes?
In later years, during the time of women's
liberation, it was often said how awful it
was for women but as a child who grew up
in those times, all the ladies I knew seemed
to be pretty happy.
I ended up having a life much like the
one my Mother lived.  I worked before
marriage, I married and had kids and
I stayed home with them.  I wasn't taking
a stand for anything or feeling repressed
in any way.  I just knew no one was going
to care for my kids in the same way I
would care for them.  So I was the perfect
choice for that role.
It is funny to see how many of the booklets
are about pleasing men.  I like to do things
to make Mr. Wonderful happy and he feels
the same way toward me.
Now after 20 plus years of providing 3
square meals a day, I've had enough.  I
only want to cook when I feel like it, so
Mr. Wonderful has taken over the role
of chef in our kitchen.  I love it.
Remember when people used to can?
I live close to Muncie, Indiana, the home
of Ball canning jars and when I moved here
I remember thinking I'll learn how to can.
There will probably be classes and seminars.
No.  I guess people just don't have time now.
If anyone is interested in owning these
cookbooks, they will be available at The
Quilt Shoppe in Anderson, Indiana and
all the proceeds from the sale will go to
local charities that help struggling families.
(765) 649-9102


  1. I'm a canner. Green beans, spaghetti sauce, salsa, pears, pear butter, tomato juice, whole tomatoes, pickles. I love the process and the products. I always think of my mom, who taught me.

    1. Oh Judy... you are so lucky you had someone to teach you. Make sure you pass that skill on to future generations!
      ~ Ellen

  2. I still have "The Joys of Jello" book and there is a recipe for lime jello that is really delicious. I used to always make it for special occasions, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It has pears in it with a layer of a mixture of cream cheese and the lime jello. Yummy!


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