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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Natural Confusion

Hey Mother Nature, what is going on???
For the past few weeks it has been deliciously
cool.  Far too cool for mid-August.
I loved it... waking up and wanting to
stay in bed with the covers pulled up
because it was so chilly that early in the day.
I just got back from a hike and it is
roasting out there.  The weatherman
says this may be the hottest week of
the year!
But the leaves are changing color and
beginning to fall.
Acorns have started dropping.
Some berries are drying but I think most
of them are being eaten by the birds.
I love finding feathers, I think it is
good luck.  This one was stuck in a
tree trunk.
No, too early.  I'm not ready to be thinking
about Christmas and snow yet.
Now it is time to settle in with my field
guides and ID everything I've found.

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