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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where have all the antiques gone?

Yesterday I spent the day with a good friend.
We were enjoying a last breathe of summer.
She works in a school and today was the first
day of school so we wanted one last day to spend
together.  We met in a lovely Midwestern town.
It is a thriving downtown with a square
built around the beautiful, old courthouse.
It's so nice to see a town with shops and
cafes rather than the sad, deserted downtowns
we see all too often these days.
Our first stop was in my favorite store,
my "go to place" for unusual pieces, a
nice mix of antiques and vintage items.
But sadly, the whole shop had changed!
The only antiques seemed to be used for
décor only.  Instead there was vintage candy...
...plenty of soaps and scented candles and
cutesy signs.  But almost all of the good
vintage or antique items are gone.  What has
happened?  In the age of ebay and etsy, have
we used up the antiques?  Or is this the type
of merchandise that their clients want?  Either
of those scenarios make me sad.  This is not
good for the girl who likes old stuff!
The antique mall did have antiques
and vintage items but they were looking
a bit tired...
At least we got to spend the day together
having fun and also enjoying the beauty
of the Midwestern countryside.

1 comment:

  1. I have noticed the same thing. Seems like everything is just repro, made in China set among real antiques. I suppose it make restocking easier. But I hate it.